Radness (adj.):

1): to possess qualities of that which is absolutely, undeniably rad.

2): a compiled list of all the awesome stuff I find on the internet, and elsewhere, that doesn't necessarily have to do with me.

3): Mostly just rap videos and 80's nostalgia.

It's just, you know, really rad stuff.

And you should be aware of rad stuff.

You Don't Need a Time Machine to Get Back to the 80's. You Just Need A Ship. A GUNSHIP.

Alright to be honest, we're trapped in this reality. Nevertheless, I'm constantly searching for portals to the past--the days when life was sweeter and more synthezied; technology was a clunky wonderland of mysterious 8bit possibility, instead of the grudgeable necessity that it is now--and ever so often, I find one of those glimmering temporary gateways. Little rips in the space time continum that seem to constantly point back to one time and one time only: the 1980's. The latest of these came to me from London based synth slayers GUNSHIP, and their debut album:


Every track is pure chrome. But such endeavours must be taken lightly, so first observe this holy handbook of the album's contents before venturing any futher:



May these Gods of the 80's forever watchover us. Amen.

Kung Fury (or what the Bible would have been like if Jesus had lived in the 80s)

The 80's were a glorious time. Society was at a beautiful crossroads between the indulgent decadence of the past, and the hardwired technology of the future. And the only way to close those two gaps was through the mighty bridge of Radness. Swedish filmaker David Sandberg has reignited that holy, tehcnicolor flame in his pitch-perfect homage to all the best parts of my favorite decade. Please enjoy this movie. It's everything our world could have been, and everything I wish it was.



 America the Ultra

Wow. Sometimes a film comes along and it just speaks to you. Well, I just had a long conversation with the new "American Ultra" movie from Lionsgate, and I have to tell you, I like this guy. I like this guy a lot. Let's hope he turns out to be the super rad stoner action flick he promises to be. Let's hope he doesn't turn out to be a total dick...



 Welcome to Earth! Please enjoy our flag!

Sometimes, while slogging through the collective mental swamp that is the internet, I actually find something worthwhile and poignant instead of just List-icles and poorly done photoshops of Hilary Clinton as Beetlejuice...

Thankfully, this is one of those times. Behold, in all it's intergalatic glory, Swedish design student Oskar Pernefeldt's proposed design for the Flag of Earth! That's right. This bubbly blue marble that sustains all known life and allows us to constantly poison it, has finally got it's own jersey to wear in the intergalatic superbowl. Fuck you Mars. Let's see someone design a flag for you! Oh wait, that's right. NO ONE LIVES ON YOU. Score one more for Earth, baby! Now all citizens of space will know who the raddest conquerers in the Universe are.

Earth Flag

We Own Space

 One of the World's Best Artists is a Skateboarder

I think it's important to draw inspiration from all sorts of different people. Especially if they're exponentially better at something than I might ever be at anything in my life. Kilian Martin is one such person. What he does is loosely labeled as "skateboarding", but really, it's a powerfully transcendant ballet that pushes the limits of human possibility. And it's skateboarding. It's definitely skateboarding...





Good Artists Copy, and Great Artists Steal, but Great Thieves Don't Get Caught...

Woof. I mean, Robin and Pharelle, if you're gonna steal, Marvin Gaye is the man to snatch from, but just be ready to pay your respect$...



Saturday Sermon: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

NPR's been doing this really great series called Little Desk Concerts. It's like if Ira Glass had produced MTV's "Unplugged". And recently, they've put the soulfully surprising St. Paul up at the desk to deliver a powerful sermon. Lord have mercy? Not when he's got St. Paul and the Broken Bones.




All Hail King Bibby

Good kings are hard to come by, but the new hope for reigning hip-hop monarch may have just been born in Chicago, Illinois. With a loose, low register flow and high level delivery, Lil Bibby's making a strong bid for the crown. His first act as king? Free Crack (and Free Crack II) for the people. Get his music while it's still free for the peasant folk.

 Simon & Rossfunkle

A meeting of folk music legends. I can't wait for the revised soundtrack when they finally reboot "The Graduate". Mad props to redtank for bringing these two together.



 "The Blacker The Berry" -- Kendrick Lamar // Hot. Damn.

I mean, I could try to explain what's going on here. I could. But I'll let Kendrick Lamar speak for himself. Hot damn, Kendrick. Hot. Damn.





A Little Something to Get Down to (in the Midst of a Sticky Situation):

So, I was driving home after yet another shit shift as a busboy, and this song came on the radio. Specifically, late night NPR. If you're driving home at 1:00am from your job as a busboy and you need something to JAM to, Kiko Bun has the answer. Actually, if you just need something to JAM to, period, the answer is still the same. Maintain the groove baby.





A Walk to Remember: The ZubinAxe

Have you ever thought to yourself, "why am I walking through these woods without a verstile POLEARM in case I am stranded and/or have to fight off some sort of zombified bear menace?" I certainly have. Luckily, the fine people at Zubin understand the importance of creating a consumer market for the modern Polearm. Word up Zubin. #Christmas2015.



Straight Outta Compton Official Trailer RELEASED!




From "The New Yorker": A Diary of Left Shark

A provcative and insightful look from The New Yorker at one of America's most recent superstars. God Bless Sharkmerica. Go get that teaching degree buddy. You're gonna be fine.



Eminem Crowned Emperor of White People Rap

Congratulations to Eminem on winning best Rap albumn at the #Grammy's this year. True story, I used to listen to the Marshal Mathers LP on the back of the bus on my way to advanced math class at Boltz Junior High School when I was in 6th grade. Just like Marshal would have wanted.






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